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Nozzles are the hear of your print and without a clean nozzle your 3D prints can vary in results or even fail/not print at all. Nozzle maintenance is important due to friction and heat. as the filament melts and the moves through the nozzle is would scratch the surface as brass nozzles tend to be softer than other materials. Printing rough materials such as glow in the dark filaments/ carbon fiber is very coarse and could damage your nozzle. For course materials such as carbon fiber and other rough filaments use hardened nozzle which is very tough and would not break easily.


3d printing nozzle wear      bad nozzle


Main Reasons

  • Easier print
  • Higher quality prints
  • Excellent lines / details
  • Stop clogging
  • Printing first layers with maximum stick


There are many different types of nozzles, brass, stainless steel and hardened steel. Each material is has an advantage over the other. Brass is the most common and widely used as its cheap and has great thermal conductivity. On the other hand Stainless steel is not very common, however its more wear resistant so it should last longer. Lastly the hardened nozzle which is the toughest nozzle out of the three which is excellent for printing all materials and not worrying about nozzle wear.



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