Beginner Level - Cura 

 "It was developed by the 3D printer giant Ultimaker and used by the company’s community of users. This slicer software is open-source and free. It is compatible with most desktop 3D printers and can work with most files in the most common 3D formats such as .STL, .OBJ, .X3D, .3MF (as well as image file formats such as BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG). It is suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. Some features include: showing a toolpath, estimating printing time and material usage. Experienced users can use third-party plugins."




Intermediate Level - Slic3r

"Slic3r is a free open-source slicer software. It works with 3D CAD files (.STL or .OBJ) to generate G-code for the 3D printer. It was born in 2011 within the RepRap community as an effort to provide the growing 3D printing technology with an open and flexible toolchain. Compared to other slicers, it is known for adding bleeding edge features discussed and tested by the community. One of its well-known features is the integration of OctoPrint – files are sliced on the user’s desktop and can be directly uploaded to OctoPrint for printing at the click of a button."



Professional Level - Simplify3D

"This slicer software has been developed for pro users. It supports nearly all 3D printers – Simplify3D has partnered with 3D printing companies in over 30 countries in order to support more than 100 3D printer profiles. And if your model isn’t on the list, it is fairly easy to add it, meaning you don’t have to switch slicer program whenever you print with a new printer. You will be able to simulate your prints in advance with very realistic pre-print simulation to identify issues. The software automatically suggests where support material should be added, the supports break away easily without any special tools or post-processing. It is $150 for a license for up to 2 computers."


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